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Getting Started

Domain Name

The first step in getting a website, after choosing a web designer, is choosing your domain name.  You want it to represent your farm or business as closely as possible to your actual farm name.  As there are already millions of names out there, some of the most popular names are already "taken".  Your name must be unique, like your phone number.  It can only be assigned to one website.  There are many tags to choose from (.net, .com, .org, .us...etc), which makes availability of a domain name slightly better.  If "" is already taken, there may be, or available

After choosing a domain name and checking its availability, you register your domain name with a registrar.  I will be happy to do this for you. Reserving your own domain name costs on the average, $7.00 to $9.00 per year.

Web Hosting

Choosing a Web Host is next.  I recommend a company that I personally use; GoDaddy.  They have proven to be reliable, and have very competitive pricing.  I have been very happy with their services.  Costs are $3.95/month ($47.40 per year). You are of course welcome to choose any company that you prefer. 


Next is choosing a general design scheme.  I will submit 3-4 "proposals", based on what you have in mind for your design.  Most people want to use their farm colors, or their favorite color combination.  I design with 2-3 basic colors on a website, and try to keep colors simple and professional. Too many different colors on a website tends to make it amateurish and irritating to visitors.  I also recommend the limited use, if any, of any moving text or graphics on a site. It is one of the top ten "No-No's of websites.  A constantly moving text or graphic is annoying to visitors, and is a sure way to get them to leave your site prematurely.


If you have a professionally designed logo, I can duplicate it for your website. Or I can design one for you. 

After estimating the number of pages necessary for your site, I require a 50% deposit.  When the site is complete, and approved by you, I require the balance before uploading to the web.  Unpaid sites will be removed from the web until paid in full.

Initial Design $50.00
Per page $50.00
Scan or editing fee per photo $5.00
Maintenance $50.00 per hour, minimum 15 minutes.
Custom Photography $50.00 per hour
Digital Clips $25.00 per clip



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